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“photo to capture the special bond between us”

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The Ahimastos Family

When my husband asked me what I wanted for my first ever Mother’s Day, it was an easy decision; a photo to capture the special bond between us and our little boy, Noah. I had recently met Vicki and we clicked straight away. I was drawn to Vicki’s fun, relaxed disposition as well as her exceptional talent, at times eccentric, at times conservative. I loved the mix.

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Perfect timing for Father’s Day to happen with the gentle warmth of Spring on our doorstep. No doubt many of you will be celebrating this day with your own Father’s or perhaps someone elses, either way it is a time to refelct on fatherhood and congratulate some of those special Dad’s that are just amazing at it! Today I refect on my dear darling Dad that still lives in my heart everyday and I thank him for everything. ENJOY! Read more…

A Winter’s Day with the Willemsen Family

Winter days in Melbourne can be so unpredictable. But luckily I have a direct line to the weatherman and so far over winter I have enjoyed the perfect conditions to create the perfect portraits. This was such a lovely family re union bringing together each family from around the globe. Read more…

The Black & White Spider Awards

It’s always challenging and enjoyable entering competetions. It certainly is a great way to promote your creations as well as navigate where you may sit on an international platform. The awards arena for me is about raising the bar of my creative practice as well as being inspired by the amazing photography of others around the globe. Thank you to the international competetion Judges for my recent nomination in the Black and White Spider Awards. Read more…


I also enjoyed the opportunity to be on the judging panel at the Victorian awards this year for the second time. As always a marvellous selection of magnificent images came through in the varied categories. Only weeks later was the nationals on a much bigger scale at The Melbourne Convention Centre. I was pleased to receive 4 silver awards which entitle me to 4 additional points toward my first bar as a Master Photographer I AIPP. Read more…

A Sunday Stroll in Santa Monica

A perfect way to end the year’s blog with a wonderful anniversary, session I photographed in Santa Monica, California earlier this month. This is that magical story of American boy meets Australian girl and the seas are conquered all in the name of LOVE…sigh….!  After a monumental, Mexican, munch and margarita we began our stroll to the historical Santa Monica Pier to capture that gentle, last light of day. Read more…