I also enjoyed the opportunity to be on the judging panel at the Victorian awards this year for the second time. As always a marvellous selection of magnificent images came through in the varied categories. Only weeks later was the nationals on a much bigger scale at The Melbourne Convention Centre. I was pleased to receive 4 silver awards which entitle me to 4 additional points toward my first bar as a Master Photographer I AIPP. I liken it somewhat to a black belt system. I’d like to congratulate all my peers who achieved awards, won the major categories and to those who just gave it a go despite results. Also the amazing volunteers who worked behind the scenes and around the clock…Thank you:)

It was a super busy weekend. I was excited also to present a talk and slide show for EPSON on the Art and Craft of Photography on stage at The Melbourne Convention Centre. A big thank you goes out to all those who attended, laughed at my jokes and stayed despite the AV failings, so I thank you again!

I must say I feel blessed to be in an industry so full of support and encouragement and great friendliness. The icing on the cake was an opportunity to photography three fine and fabulous Queensland Photographers for a Vicki Bell Creative session, Bambi Wixon, Susan Wall and Willow Smith, wonderful women and excellent photographers. We had loads of fun and took advantage of my shop window to entertain the local traffic. Stay tuned for the outcome….Enjoy!


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