Fine Art and Awards at WPPI Las Vegas 2011

It’s been a fine, fine art start to the year with a second place award at WPPI (Wedding Portrait Professionals International) in Las Vegas for the image titled “Memories of Meg”. This was awarded under the Children’s Portrait Category. It was a privelage to be there with so many of my Australian colleagues and photographic friends who also achieved awards. Perhaps it’s in the air that we breathe in Australia that allows us to excell in our photographic visions.

Is it ok to say how much I love this image, as I do… this image! This year I was invited by Kayell and Canson Infinity to display this image for the annual PMA trade show in Sydney this year. They asked me to write an artist statement and I’d like to share my thoughts and feelings about this image. I am an artist in my heart and soul, in the way I see, think and feel. Photography is my vehicle and my craft that enables my imagery to present itself. The journey from concept to print has to be exceptional all the way. The paper I use is the platform or stage for my imagery to exist on.
I have a love of “childhood” and I create memories that have never existed. I aim to present a delicate dreamscape with a harmony of tone, texture and colour .All these  elements come together to gift a story that the viewer can personalize and interpret.The image is created with 3 elements the portrait of Meg intentionally styled for simplicity,  the late afternoon seascape and the majestic, hundred year old tree . The elements are carefully etched and assembled together. The finish is finessed with a painters intention addressing  colour palette, modeling of light and texture to blend.
“Memories of Meg” contemplates the often forgotten sensitivity and serenity of childhood play. It addresses the beauty of children exploring the beachscape beneath the tree of life. Meg embraces herself and holds onto the dream. This is about reflection and protection of our childhood memories in a world oppressed by an accelerated pace of “living”.

I’d like to thank KAYELL AUSTRALIA and CANSON INFINITY for the opportunity to print my piece and present it to the public eye.

WPPI_Release copy MEG_VickiBell2010

Here are the additional “awards of excellnece” that were also honoured with ribbons.D BellVVic-printC VickiBell_TheGymnast





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