Gymnastics Victoria Image Branding

It was an exciting first half to the year with a few commercial commissions on the go. Gymnastics Victoria contacted the studio to create a series of images for their new banners, web site and general promotions.
 A must see at some of the incredible, dedicated young athletes and the wonderful organisation that is Gymnastics Victoria. My assistant Aaron and I  travelled across Melbourne and the various training centre’s for the gymnasts, the trampoline athletes and the acrobatic artists. Aaron sculptured the lighting while I photographed the amazing repertoire of poses and contortions. Check out the video link below for some behind the scenes fun!

A big thank you to Cathy from GV for a truly wonderful and educational assignment and  to the design talents of David of .



GV2013-214-Edit GV2013-177-Edit  GV2013-151-Edit

GV2013-143-Edit GV2013-121-Edit GV2013-104-Edit GV2013-098-Edit GV2013-087-Edit GV2013-055-EditGV2013-169  _DSC9486

A little fun behind the scene pic and video  (yes…I know stick to my day job! )



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