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The Sutcliffe Family Portrait Session

Dear Vicki,

Thank you so much for the beautiful photos of our family. Your professional, caring nature made the experience so easy.

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Family Moments

Thank you Vicki for providing our family with memories to last a life time. I’m sure one day we will look back on our photos and wonder where the years have gone, but thanks to you we have frozen a moment of time, that we will never have again. Read more…

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The Shuster Family

We knew our little one was effervescent. But we never could quite capture it in a picture ourselves. When my parents insisted on a professional portrait of their 1 year old grandson, we luckily found Vicki. What we didn’t know at first was how lucky we were.

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Anne and Nick

“We had a lovely morning taking photographs in the park & studio. Vicki knows how to make you relax and bring out the connection and emotion within the family.  Our toddler is normally shy around new people, however Vicki is such a naturally warm and lovely person that she was able to win her over quickly. Read more…

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The Ahimastos Family

When my husband asked me what I wanted for my first ever Mother’s Day, it was an easy decision; a photo to capture the special bond between us and our little boy, Noah. I had recently met Vicki and we clicked straight away. I was drawn to Vicki’s fun, relaxed disposition as well as her exceptional talent, at times eccentric, at times conservative. I loved the mix.

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The Chong Family

They say “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Here are some special words that were hand written and delivered in person, express post from the lovely “Chong Family”, thank you kindly Frank it was my pleasure. It is an honour to intepret a story of a families connection in the ultimate visual way with photography and photographs. Here are those sincere words. Read more…

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The Borg Family

Vicki made our boys feel very comfortable and confident while taking their shots. They totally enjoyed the whole experience and listened to instructions which made the finished product even better. Read more…

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The Frazer Family

Vicki, you are and always will be my choice photographer! I admire your personal skills to put people at ease and your professional experience is so clear yet seamless in delivery – the sign of a true master! Read more…

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The Connolly Family

“Vicki has a way of utilising the natural light to enhance her subjects with apparent simplicity, she easily puts the most reticent of subjects at ease to ensure that the resulting pictures are outstanding and the sign of a true professional.  Read more…

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The Lawn Family

I have been fortunate to have a living collection of mine and my family’s poignant life moments captured through Vicki Bell’s lens.  The essence of our family has been recorded for 18 years.

Vicki Bell’s talent for marking those moments begins by truly knowing her subjects. Her relaxed rapport with her subjects allows them to be who they are, bringing life and integrity to each image captured. Her mastery and experience in the darkroom has equipped her with the unique ability to produce her photographs with exquisite skin tone and contrasts. Read more…

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