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The Chong Family

They say “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Here are some special words that were hand written and delivered in person, express post from the lovely “Chong Family”, thank you kindly Frank it was my pleasure. It is an honour to intepret a story of a families connection in the ultimate visual way with photography and photographs. Here are those sincere words.

“Dear Vicki, here’s a few words I’ve penned for the beautiful family portraits you shot for us in 2012.

Appreciation in photographic images is truely a subjective thing.

Some of us instantly connect with the emotion that a picture  can convey; many would marvel at the technical skills a photographer displays with various lighting, poses, camera angles and post production; whilst some of us just just like to see ourselves all glammed up for the camera no matter what the occasion!

Sometime ago, I met Vicki and had our family portraits taken for the very first time. What took place was that the most wonderful shots, captured for us on the day. The photo’s are meaningful as there is a sense of a “togetherness” and at the same time for those who know us well enough, are able to see our individuality in the beautifully crafted images.

The result is that the portraits are now framed and proudly hung in our homes. Not only is it being displayed for our daily appreciation but just as meaningfully preserved for a time in our lives for generations to come.

Thank you for the woderful works of art!

Frank Chong on behalf of the Chong Family

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