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The Lawn Family

I have been fortunate to have a living collection of mine and my family’s poignant life moments captured through Vicki Bell’s lens.  The essence of our family has been recorded for 18 years.

Vicki Bell’s talent for marking those moments begins by truly knowing her subjects. Her relaxed rapport with her subjects allows them to be who they are, bringing life and integrity to each image captured. Her mastery and experience in the darkroom has equipped her with the unique ability to produce her photographs with exquisite skin tone and contrasts.Viewing Vicki’s images transports me back to the instant, to the time and place where the moment is real again. Gazing down at my pregnant belly; small details in my newborn baby’s toes; the laughter in the eyes of our teenage girls or the whimsical connection between my husband and I. The moments are all there to be revisited……… always.

It’s a wondrous thing to have one’s life documented in photos. It is indeed a privilege to have it portrayed by Vicki Bell.




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